Helzberg Credit Card

When it comes to jewelry, particularly diamonds, the Helzberg name is one of the most popular and most trusted by enthusiasts. Helzberg Diamonds has an impressive array of rings for various occasions, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and other jewelry and accessories made from diamonds, gold, and silver. Loyal customers can also opt to apply for their very own Helzberg Credit Card and enjoy many privileges that only cardmembers get to enjoy.

For instance, a Helzberg Credit Card gives you access to a reserved line of credit for increased buying power. If you have an important occasion coming up and you are thinking of using your card for the purchase, your line of credit can be expanded for this special purchase. So if your wedding anniversary is coming up, and you would like to buy youur spouse a special piece of jewelry from Helzberg Diamonds, your line of credit can be expanded to make room for the purchase. Additionally, if you use your Helzberg Credit Card for purchases, you are also eligible for 6 months special financing and other special offers that are exclusive to Helzberg cardholders.


Perhaps you prefer to shop online or you do not live very close to a Helzberg Diamonds store. This is not a problem at all if you have a Helzberg Credit Card, because Helzberg Diamonds will go ahead and ship your purchase to you at no extra charge wherever you are in the United States.

We all like to be in the know when it comes to special events, announcements, or new products. Well, if you are a Helzberg Credit Card holder, you are first to know about new jewelry arrivals, special in-store events such as sales, and other announcements from the retailer.

Keeping track of your account information is a breeze if you are a cardmember, because you can get on the Internet and check your Helzberg Credit Card account information online or by calling 1-866-435-7906. Customer service representatives are also ready to answer any questions or help with any issues you may be having with your account.

One good thing about the Helzberg Credit Card is there are also special financing offers that cardmembers can avail of. For Preferred and Preferred Plus Accounts, there is not interest charges for purchases paid in full within 6 months. There is an offer of 6 months same as cash minimum payment on any purchase, while for purchases worth $749 or more, the offer is for 12 months sames as cash on purchase (subject to approval).

Of course, as a customer you want to make sure that your purchases are protected and worth their value, and with Helzberg Diamonds their is a commitment to provide the best service and quality for your jewelry purchase. When you shop at Helzberg Diamonds, there is a 60-day return and exchange policy that is absolutely free. Not only are you getting superior exclusive cardmember benefits as a Helzberg Credit Card holder, but you are also fully protected and backed up by the company's expertise and quality when you make your purchase.